Biological Catalyst: A Paradigm Shift

paradigm shift

In the mid-1980s, there was a significant public concern on the huge amount of chemical waste generated by chemical and pharmaceutical industries. A paradigm shift was clearly needed from this traditional approach by the chemical industry with respect to the generation of hazardous and toxic waste. There was an immediate focus on cleaner chemistry, resource efficiency and bio-processes to produce less waste. This, alternative route, came to known as “Green Chemistry”. The industrial process of synthesizing different compounds largely depends on chemical catalysis where mostly heavy metals are used as a catalytic agent. Metals like rhodium, palladium, ruthenium are often …

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GO GREEN & CLEAN: Harnessing the beauty of enzymes for industrial applications

Enzyme Engineering

Enzymes are bio-catalysts that help in accomplishing chemical reactions at benign conditions; not requiring toxic chemicals or elevated temperature and pressure conditions. Enzymes are made up of a combination of 20 naturally occurring amino-acids connected to each other like beads on a necklace. Indeed, our human body has about 75000 enzymes, which aid in metabolism and digestion. Similarly, organisms such as Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi have a myriad set of enzymes assisting their functions. In the industry, enzymes have found several applications — in poultry, agriculture, textiles, & synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)s. Often the wild-type (WT) enzyme isolated from …

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