AI Guided Enzyme Engineering is the Next Pit-Stop for Green Chemistry

Quantumzyme has embarked on this journey to develop a machine learning framework to predict the properties of an enzyme with significant accuracy and we have, once again, surpassed our previous performances with this AI/ML-based enzyme engineering platform

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Settling for Average: A Natural Choice for Enzyme

Enzyme Choice

Textbooks often describe enzymes are highly efficient, have high rate of reaction, and much superior to that of a chemical catalyst. But how fast is it possible for an enzyme-catalyzed reaction to proceed? Is there any limit to the rate acceleration achievable by enzymes? The answer is yes, there is a certain upper limit to the rate acceleration by an enzyme and very few enzymes have achieved it.This special class of enzyme is known as “Diffusion Limited Enzyme. Diffusion Limited Enzyme The rate is limited by the rate at which the substrate can diffuse onto its active site and product …

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